Monday, March 31, 2014

flow of power from the Guru can be received by anyone whose attention is focused on the Self

This method of teaching has a long tradition in India, its most famous exponent being Dakshinamurti, a manifestation of Siva who brought four learned sages to an experience of the Self through the power of his silence. Sri Ramana frequently spoke of Dakshinamurti with great approval and his name crops up in many of his conversations.

This flow of power from the Guru can be received by anyone whose attention is focused on the Self or on the form of the Guru; distance is no impediment to its efficacy. This attention is often called sat-sanga, which literally means ‘association with being’. Sri Ramana wholeheartedly encouraged this practice and frequently said that it was the most efficient way of bringing about a direct experience of the Self. Traditionally it involves being in the physical presence of one who has realised the Self, but Sri Ramana gave it a much wider definition. He said that the most important element in sat-sanga was the mental connection with the Guru; sat-sanga takes place not only in his presence but whenever and wherever one thinks of him.

Manonasa - How can the mind be extinguished?


34. D: How can the mind be extinguished?

M: To forget everything is the ultimate means. But for thought, the world does not arise. Do not think and it will not arise. When nothing arises in the mind, the mind itself is lost. Therefore do not think of anything, forget all. This is the best way to kill the mind. 

40. Now my wise son, follow this advice, cease thinking anything but Brahman. By this practice your mind will be extinct; you will forget all and remain as pure Brahman. 

41. He who studies this chapter and follows the instructions contained therein, will soon be Brahman Itself!

 Mano Nasa - Advaita Bodha Deepika